Life insurance with a perspective

In the current low interest rate environment, customers want more returns

The capital market rates are in the basement: and have been for a long time. Savers are worried about their interest income: In the current low interest rate environment, the returns on all savings products are lower than usual. Against this background, customers are looking for a retirement plan that also offers potential returns. It is important to many that they get back at least the contributions they have made. And that is exactly what Allianz Leben’s new “Perspective” plan offers.

The customer has a choice

“With ‘Perspektive’, customers not only get a high level of security, but also the prospect of an additional return opportunity. This attractive combination is very popular with our customers,” says Gudrun Trieb from Allianz Leben and adds: or decide on capital market-oriented products. ” With Perspective, customers receive a total interest rate of at least 4.5 percent and thus 0.3 percentage points more than with a traditional pension insurance. “The costs for securing the guarantees are lower here. We pass these savings on to customers in the form of higher interest rates,” explains Trieb. The new product offers customers important security: the certainty that at the start of retirement and in the event of death, at least the paid-in contributions are available, a lifelong minimum pension, and benefits until the end of life – regardless of how old the pensioner is.

Guaranteed interest is just the lower safety net

According to the plans of the federal government, the maximum interest rate for life insurance will fall on January 1, 2015 from 1.75 percent to 1.25 percent. This applies in particular to new contracts for the classic pension concept. In the case of existing contracts, the discount rate agreed upon when the contract was concluded still applies. “The discussion about the guaranteed interest rate is misleading,” emphasizes Gudrun Trieb. The decisive factor for customers with a classic pension insurance is the total interest, the guaranteed interest is only the lower safety net.

Successful new concept “perspective”

The innovative “Perspective” old-age provision concept introduced by Allianz Leben against the background of the low interest rate environment has been very well received by customers. With over 50,000 concluded contracts valued at almost two billion euros, it is the company’s most successful product launch to date. In the private customer business of the representatives in the first half of 2014, Perspective had a new business share of 38 percent. A good every third customer there has therefore opted for the new pension concept.

Anyone who is optimistic about interest rates should rely on the new concept in private pension insurance. It offers every opportunity for an extra return. Foto: djd/Allianz
Those who rely on lifelong benefits with a high level of security for private old-age provision cannot avoid life or private pension insurance. Providers like Allianz are responding to the current low interest rate environment with innovative concepts. Foto: djd/Allianz