This is what a good cash loan should look like today

Checklist: This is what a good cash loan should look like today

(djd). Who takes a cash credit up – for instance to the purchase of new furniture – would like to use above all the cost advantages. Direct banks for example offer their services over Internet or telephone – that saves money. Many of them pass this saving on in the form of favorable conditions to the customers. “However, low loan interest rates are not everything,” explains Ulf Meyer, Managing Director of Süd-West-Kreditbank (SWK Bank). Straight one should look exactly with cash credits.

Checkliste cash credit

– The cash credit should contain a special repayment right. “Thus one can lower future installments and thus interest save , so Meyer. If one has approximately at the end of the month still money on the account, one can put it well into the repayment of the credit.

– The credit agreements should contain fixed interest rates, the banks speak thereby also of ?bound interest rates? Thus one makes sure that it cannot come during the running time of the credit to any interest increase.

– A good consultation approximately around the credit desire is important. Above all running time and repayment must fit to the financial possibilities and living conditions. Some direct banks offer here a comprehensive consultation.

– Fast processes are important in communication with the bank, so that the customer has planning security. “In addition to a quick legitimation check, the loan commitment and above all the disbursement should be possible within a short period of time,” advises Ulf Meyer to check the “small print” before taking out a loan.

– Meanwhile there are also time-saving ways for the legitimation process. SWK Bank, for example, offers new customers the opportunity to quickly confirm their identity on their computer. Only a web cam is required for this new procedure. The time-consuming so-called post-identification procedure at the post office is no longer necessary. “The customer receives the online credit approval after just a few seconds. The payment takes place two days after the application documents are available in the bank”, says Meyer.

Comparisons are worthwhile

Loans are cheaper than ever. Cash loans are also offered at historically low interest rates. But consumer protectors recommend: Customers should take a close look and compare. “We are not investing in brand campaigns and expensive advertising spots, but in processes that further increase our customer satisfaction,” says Ulf Meyer, Managing Director of SWK Bank, for example. “Our recommendation rate is therefore 98 percent. Over 10,000 customers have rated us. The TÜV analysis showed a school grade of 1.58.” This provider also offers cash loans from an effective annual interest rate of 2.8 percent. Special repayments are possible at any time in any height – without additional fees. Information:

Direct banks offer their services via Internet or telephone – this saves money. Many of them pass these savings on to their customers in the form of favourable conditions. Photo: djd/South West Credit Bank
A good consultation around the credit wish is important. Above all, term and repayment must match the financial possibilities and living conditions. Photo: djd/Süd-West-Kreditbank
Ulf Meyer, Managing Director of Süd-West-Kreditbank (SWK Bank). Photo: djd/Süd-West-Kreditbank
Internet banks generally have the most favourable conditions for cash loans. Because they have less administrative effort than a branch bank. Photo: djd/Süd-West-Kreditbank
Some direct banks offer comprehensive advice on all aspects of cash loans. Photo: djd/Süd-West-Kreditbank