Vacation planning made easy

From hiking holidays to city tours

If you are planning your next vacation, you can do so comfortably at home on the computer. It starts with the question of what connects all fellow travelers – whether you are traveling with friends or family, for example. Would you prefer an active holiday, a wellness stay or a classic city break? The website, for example, offers suggestions on what to do together or as a solo traveler. There, mainly travel regions in Germany and Austria are presented, which have something to offer for every taste.

On historical tracks

Travel educates – that is why holidays are more than just relaxation for those interested in history. Detailed tips on city trips can be found in the aforementioned travel portal. You can travel back in time in places with almost closed medieval buildings. In Bautzen in Saxony, for example, the city wall and towers invite you to explore. Short detours to cities like Görlitz can also be planned on a bike tour along the Oder and Neisse rivers. Because Görlitz is Germany’s largest area monument and has over four thousand monuments, most of which have been renovated. The insights into the pirate life of Störtebeker in the East Frisian Marienhafe are equally exciting for children and adults.

From culinary to sporty

For active holidays, the offers range from the mountains to the plains, from hiking to bike tours. The website also invites you to hike through picturesque Austrian valleys such as the Rauris Valley and try delicious farmer’s donuts. There are also tips for ambitious mountaineers. If you are planning your next bike tour through the pleasantly flat East Frisia, you can already enjoy a little holiday atmosphere on the sofa at home with a cup of East Frisian tea with Kluntje (candy piece) and Wulkje (a shot of liquid cream) and take a look at the portrait of the travel region.

Travel information from many regions

Thanks to regional portraits from Germany and Austria, but also from other European countries, you can find out where your next vacation is worthwhile at The internet portal provides ideas for city tours, hiking holidays or cycling trips. Seasonal tips as to when the regions exude the most charm make the portraits an informative planning aid. Tourism managers present their regions in short films – just like at a real trade fair. Only at this fair the visitor can stay comfortably at home.