Weekend with a big city feeling

Everyone gets their money’s worth on a short break in Germany’s major cities

Whether 1st May, Ascension Day or Corpus Christi: The holidays of the coming months can be turned into a long weekend and used for a little change of scenery. City trips to Germany’s metropolises, for example, promise a lot of variety and lots of fun.

Berlin, Hamburg and Munich are the most popular destinations

“Big cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich are among the most popular destinations for a city trip,” says travel expert Mario Kuska from the online travel portal Kurzurlaub.de. There everyone gets exactly the kind of vacation they want. In Hamburg, for example, a visit to a musical can be on the program as well as a stroll along the promenade on the Inner Alster, a boat ride through the Hamburg harbor or visits to bars on the Reeperbahn. In Berlin, too, cultural travelers, shopping fans and party-goers get their money’s worth. When it comes to sightseeing, you can draw on unlimited resources in all three cities.

Bei einem Kurzurlaub in Berlin kommen Kulturreisende, Shoppingfans und Partygänger gleichermaßen auf ihre Kosten. – Foto: djd/www.kurzurlaub.de

You can visit other building treasures and museums every day – the Reichstag building and the Museum Island in Berlin or the magnificent Frauenkirche and the German Museum in Munich are just a few of them. “In the metropolises there are countless restaurants and hotels where you can indulge your culinary delights or enjoy some wellness,” says travel expert Kuska. It is best to plan in advance which highlights the short vacation should offer. That stirs up the anticipation and you can enjoy the time in the city of your choice perfectly. There is a wide range of interesting arrangements in the big cities, but also in charming smaller cities such as Trier, Bamberg or Lübeck, for example on the online travel portal

City tour with family program City trips are also ideal for families with children, provided the leisure program is not too boring for the little ones. “A visit to the Bavaria film studios in Munich or the Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg should inspire the youngsters as much as the view from the Berlin television tower,” says Mario Kuska. Numerous hotels also offer professional childcare so that parents can relax and enjoy some time for themselves.