Fixed-term deposit comparison

The fixed-term deposit is a very popular solution for investing and saving your hard-earned money, right next to the overnight money.

Many banks offer both overnight and fixed-term accounts.

And where overnight money is often very popular, as there are higher interest rates than on the usual and long-term savings book and yet the money on an overnight money account can be withdrawn at any time, i.e. daily, the fixed-term deposit account is more recommended for longer savings and is primarily chosen for amounts that can be dispensed with over a longer period of time.

The minimum term for a fixed-term deposit account is 1 month and the longer you choose the term, the better interest you can often get out of it, or negotiate with your bank. And since it is becoming an increasingly popular form of saving in addition to the overnight money account, more and more banks are also offering an overnight money account and a fixed-term deposit account.

Actually, there is almost no bank left that does not offer one of these two accounts. And where there is a wide range of offers and a large list of offers from many different providers, there are always some differences between these offers, which are often more or less larger and these differences, or rather the most suitable for yourself Offer, or cheapest offer, is best found under fixed deposit comparison on the Internet. It is well advised to make a time deposit comparison before deciding on the first offer, because if you make a time deposit comparison you will surely come across even better offers than the first one.

Even if this first offer was already good, you should still carry out a fixed-term deposit comparison so as not to have to worry afterwards if you have already opened a fixed-term deposit account and could have received a better offer afterwards.