Do not sit out damaged glass

A window inspection in a master car workshop can reveal dangerous quirks

Glass damage on the car is not a problem and can be eliminated in no time – at least that is what the advertising suggests. But in reality it doesn’t always look that easy. For example, automotive expert Oliver Schönfeld from the consumer portal points out that repairs in the driver’s field of vision are in no way permitted. The safety risk in this area is too great, especially when visibility is poor – a new pane must always be installed.

Auto Glass Month May: Act quickly before glass damage increases the  motor vehicle trade proclaimed May 2015 to be “Auto Glass Month”.

The experts recommend having the vehicle mechanic inspect the vehicle windows after the stresses and strains of winter. Because waiting according to the motto “Will hold up until the next visit to the workshop” is not recommended if there are any quirks or cracks in the window. Strong vibrations can enlarge the cracks, cause the pane to tear and even impair the function of airbags. In the event of stone chip damage in the field of vision or cracks in the windscreen, the inspector can even refuse to issue the sticker during the next general inspection. At there is more information about the maintenance and repair of vehicles as well as a postcode search for specialist companies throughout Germany. The specialist vehicle garage takes care of the paperwork with the insurance company As part of a window inspection, the car glass specialists inspect the window for scratches and small stone chips and clarify whether a repair is possible or whether the window needs to be replaced. Small stone chip repairs are free of charge with most motor vehicle insurances, when replacing windows, depending on the contract, a small co-payment must be expected with partial or fully comprehensive insurance. However, the car owner does not have to worry about clarifying and settling the accounts with the insurance company, the car workshop takes care of the “paperwork” for him.

The front screen is also a wear part

Frequent processing with the ice scraper in winter, defective wiper blades, small, barely visible stone chips: the windshield has to withstand a lot and can wear out in the process. If the view from the front is restricted by scratches or streaks when the sun is low, for example, then you should think about replacing this vehicle part, which is so important for safety. The motor vehicle master workshop – addresses are available at – can assess when a change is advisable.

Stone chips and scratches in the windshield represent a high safety risk, especially in poor visibility. Foto: djd/Zentralverband Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe e. V./ T.Volz
A clear view with a new windshield: If there is stone chip damage in the driver’s field of vision, the windshield must be replaced. Foto: djd/Zentralverband Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe e. V./T.Scholz